2021 Sorghum Resources for Producers

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2021 Sorghum Symposium was cancelled. HOWEVER, we still believe in the importance of providing you with up to date information and support as you consider sorghum in your 2021 planting decisions. Check out videos below for information on agronomy, climate, marketing, and crop insurance!

Agronomy with Dr. Brent Bean- Director of Agronomy, USCP

2021 Climate Outlook with Mr. Michael McMahon - Senior Hydrometeorologist, HDR

- 01/25/2021

Marketing with Mr. Mike Baker-Board Chair, Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board

Crop Insurance Considerations with Mr. Mark Suhr, Suhr Lichty Insurance

Crop Insurance Considerations for Sorghum with Mr. Mike Skolout, Farm Credit Services

Nebraska Sorghum

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Association Phone: 402.471.3552

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