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Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board and Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association Announce Launch of New Website and “Sorghum Army” Campaign

Lincoln – Today, The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board and the Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association launched a new website today. The redesigned website includes links to valuable producer and consumer resources, as well as digital and social media content for the organizations.

“Providing access to resources for sorghum growers and consumers in Nebraska is a foundational component of our mission at the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board. At the same time, Nebraska sorghum producers deserve accessible means by which to access their legislative and policy voice in the Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association. Our new website, is intuitively designed to provide ease of access to those who depend on our organizations for education, promotion, research, and advocacy.” stated Executive Director, Nate Blum.

Blum continued, “Coinciding with the unveiling of our new website, the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board (NGSB) is excited to announce the creation of the “Sorghum Army” campaign. Sorghum is a tough and versatile crop. Drought resistant and heat tolerant, adding sorghum to cropping systems conserves water and provides benefits to soil health and disrupting disease and pest cycles.”

“Sorghum is also gluten-free, low on the glycemic index, rich in antioxidants, and is a gmo-free crop. Traits that are important to modern consumers across myriad markets. Whether as an input in biofuels and bioplastics, livestock feed, pet food, or as a luxury culinary product, opportunities for sorghum are abundant.”

“The “Sergeant Sorghum” character featured in the “Sorghum Army” campaign encapsulates this toughness in a way that appeals to both producers and consumers who are concerned with water sustainability and the healthy qualities attributed to sorghum. The term “Army” is used figuratively to denote the common purpose shared between consumers and producers in this regard. He will be featured on the NBSG website and promotional materials available to growers and the general public.”

The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board administers the one-cent per hundredweight checkoff, which is assessed on all grain sorghum sold in the state. The Board’s annual budget is allocated in the areas of research, market development, and education.

The Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association is a volunteer organization. Funded by membership dues, the Association is the legislative and policy voice of Nebraska’s Sorghum Producers.


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