Markets Development

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2022 Nebraska Sorghum Showcase Presentations

International markets are important to sorghum growers. The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board works hard to develop value-added opportunities both internationally and right here at home. We know that sorghum is a great product for use in consumer foods, biofuels, bioplastics, pet food, livestock feed, bird feed, and aquaculture. Each of these products play an important role in a versatile sorghum portfolio that ultimately provides for increased revenues to sorghum growers, increased value to consumers, and in maximizing efficiencies for sustainability.

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Blum with the Secretary of State (equivalent) in Vietnam

Governor Ricketts leads meeting with Secretary of State (equivalent) in Vietnam

VASPEP - Trade Association for Aquaculture in Vietnam

Ricketts leads meeting with Ministry of Agriculture in Vietnam

Blum and Director of MARD in Vietnam

Blum and USGC at Neovia in Hanoi

Governor Ricketts leads meeting wiht the Chairman of Hanoi

Governor Ricketts leads meeting at the Ministry of Investment in Hanoi

Blum at the Mexican Independence Day Celebration in Bellevue, NE

Mexican Consul, Sra. Guadalupe Sanchez Salazar visits Trenton, NE for the NeSPA Field Day