Nebraska Grain
Sorghum Board

The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board (NGSB) exists to serve sorghum growers from the Missouri River to the Wyoming border, and South Dakota to Kansas. We are constantly collaborating with producers, industry partners, public and private-sector organizations to maximize opportunities for hard-working Nebraska farmers. Let us know how we can best serve you!

"The experience of ages has shown that a man who works on the land is purer, nobler, higher, and more moral... Agriculture should be the basis of everything." 

Nikolai Gogol

Our Mission

The Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board serves sorghum growers by providing consumer and producer education, developing value-added markets, and supporting innovative research. NGSB is funded by the Nebraska Sorghum Checkoff and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program.


Our Vision

As an ancient grain, sorghum is a fundamental part of our shared human history.  At the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board, we focus on developing innovative markets, while also celebrating our rich history. We are writing the next chapter in sorghum. One that increases economic opportunities for Nebraska farmers and provides a healthy alternative to consumers.